Sunday, August 25, 2013

Mabayo is the furthest South Area in the areas we go to. I think it is the only place where they do baptisms in the ocean. This is the place a 9 year old girl and a young man were baptized in July.

This is the Mabayo Branch Meeting House. It's the only one we've been to that doesn't have a real chapel. There were about 35 people at Sacrament meeting, then all but one of the priesthood holders left. This little branch is struggling. I think that's a trike (motorcycle with a side car) in front.

These are the people who attended the baptism in the ocean. The little girl looks like she is 5, but she is 9. Her grandmother is who brought her to the baptism. She is acting shy here and kind of afraid. The missionary who baptized them is standing behind them. He is Elder Rowan, from Australia.His companion is Elder Nillos, from the Philippines, just to the right of him in the picture.

Elder Nillos, the 2 baptismal candidates and Elder Rowan.

More pictures of the beach in Mabayo. It's one the the most picturesque places in our mission.

Those people are the baptismal candidates and the baptizers. The witnesses wore shorts so they could wade out and see what was going on.After the little girl was baptized, she started playing and swimming in the water. It was quite a change of personality.           

Beach pictures.                                                     

Sister Gorringe by some of the members. They use umbrellas to keep the sun off as well as keep the rain off. This sister was kind enough to share her umbrella. It really does make it cooler.

Some of the members at the baptism and more
 of the beach. Awesome. the black dot to the left of the group is the little girl playing and swimming in the ocean.    

We went to 5 baptisms this weekend. A cute little 12 year girl was named Alicia. This morning, the beautiful 18 year old  baptismal candidate was named Ariane. How is that for keeping it in the family?                                              

Sunday, August 11, 2013


 Castillejos Market-eggs, drinks, fish. The lady on the left is waving a "feather" over the fish to keep them fresh.
Don't buy the fish unless their wiggling. Those on the right were wiggling. 
                                                            More fish.
 Fresh roasted peanuts
 Sari Sari or snack market
 Rice, eggs, etc.
Dried Fish
 Grilling Fish/waving "Feather" over the fish to keep them fresh.
 Vegetable Stand
 LUNCH-not for us-On the left are grilled bananas on a stick

 MEAT MARKET-get your meat early in the morning when it's fresh
 Buy fish that are wiggling. Do you see the feather?
 Filipino lady posing by her fish
Fish, Fish, and more Fish
Sari Sari (snacks). Notice the girl in the back on the left. She's wearing a school uniform. All school children wear a uniform
Trikes waiting to pick people up at the market. Public Transportation.
Going Bananas!!!  Philippine bananas are small but yummy. I found someone who will sell us 1/2 bunch.

Most towns have a market. Market Day is different for each town. It's crazy busy on market day. Saturday is Market Day in San Marcelino. The branch building is up the same street as the market. We tried to get through, but they blocked off the street and only let trikes up there. It took us an extra 1/2 hour to find the church building.

We went to 8 baptisms yesterday. Two of them were Melchizedek Priesthood age. We are always grateful for those candidates to come into the church. The Philippines really needs Melchizedek Priesthood holders. 

We're loving it here. It's been raining for 8 hours. The rice farmers are grateful for the rain because it hasn't been a very rainy this season. The power was out for over an hour. The temperature was about 81*.