Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Construction on Drainage Ditch, Bank, Trike with Bamboo Poles, Baptism

Construction on a drainage ditch.
The same construction site.
Do you see the guard? There are guards at every bank, grocery store, and any business of any size.
We have a guard 24/7 at the Misson Home Complex which includes the church house, the mission office, and our apartment.
This machine is carrying nipa leaves used on the roofs of some houses.
The trike (motorcyle with a side car) is carrying bamboo poles.
The same trike carrying bamboo poles.
This Sister is getting baptized. Her two children are alredy baptized. Everyone is hoping the Dad (tatay) is next.
We love going to baptisms:)

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Filipino Houses, and shop (Sari Sari)

A little bit bigger than average house in the Philippines. Those who have more money have metal roofs.

A house we liked on the way to Morong.
Same house
Same house

Sari Sari Store
Do you see the cat? Snacks, individual packs of shampoo and clothes soap, and cigarettes are sold here. The cat keeps the mice away.
The same Sari Sari Store
Do you see the cat?
Wooden Beds and Chairs Store
Basket Store


Rice Seedlings
Bundling the seedlings to be planted.

Planting the seedlings.
Palay (rice in the husk) drying on the road
Scooping the rice
Sweeping the palay with a stick broom so it can be scooped up.

Taking the bags of rice on a trike to their home.

Dogs (Aso), Missionary Appartments, Bus Station, Orchids

A Victory Liner Bus
 In the top, of the window it says "Ordinary Fare". That means no airconditioning. The peolple hang out the windows.
The saddest looking Filipino dog we saw.
Most of the dogs are strays, anyway they are not fenced in. They are on the side of the road or in the middle of the road. They protect the people in their homes because their barking warns them when they are being robbed.
Orchids in front of the Sister Missionaries' house
The same orchids
Water Hyacinths

Sister Missionaries' Apartment.
We try to find apartments as nice as this one. The apartments have no hot water. They wash their clothes in a tub.
The same apartment, San Felipe apartment with our truck in front.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Filipino Houses

Two story bamboo house.

Many people climb steps to get to their homes, lots and lots of steps.

House under constuction. If the houses arn't built of bamboo, they are built of hollow block, or a cheap cinderblock.

Some Filipinos sell food on the side of the road.

The guys favorite pass time.