Sunday, March 29, 2015

Farming Rice

The farmer uses a paddle machine to prepare the rice field

The farmers pull up the seedlings that are going to be planted. It's back breaking work.
The farmers are pulling up the seedlings to be used in the rice fields.
These birds like the rice fields too.
Bringing the seedlings to the field.

The farmer places the seedlings in clumps in the field.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Basket Trikes

I am intrigued by these trikes loaded with baskets. Find 2 lamps, the driver of the trike and a passenger.
The driver of the trike is taking a siesta in a hammock on his trike.
Table and chairs.
Tri-level fruit basket anyone? 
Trike driver taking a siesta. Filipino people like having their picture taken. His bed is under all the baskets. Can you see the mortorcycle handles?
These brooms are great for the tile floors we have here.

Child's chair

Mango tree. The Filopinos cover the mangoes with bags made from newspapers, to keep the buggs off.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Basket Bikes/New Years Eve

I am so intrigued by these basket bikes. These baskets are on a motorcycle with a side car. Can you see the hampers, grass broom, oval chairs and child chair, and hammock? This is the wife of the driver, I think.
See the motorcycle, his pots and pans that he cooks with, his water jug, and the hammock whichhe sleeps in.
See the convoy of basket bikes? I am amazed at how ingenius the Filipino people are so they ca make a living.
New Year's Eve. Those are not really hats, their horns. These are the Sisters who live closest to us.
Sister Raynor, Sister Lobitana, Sister Lutao, Sister Hart.

Happy New Year!!!
Elder Taylor (Assistant to the President), Elder Christensen (Office Elder),
Elder Lugo (Recorder), Elder Albano (Assistant to the President)
They are our neighbors.
Playing Mancala with shells.
Elder Christensen, Elder Albano, Sister Lutao, and Sister Dahle (Mission President's wife) playing the game. Elder Taylor in the background.

Yours Truly in our apartment.
Sister Hart and Sister Raynor.
Sister Raynor says we are her best friends