Sunday, October 26, 2014

September Special Events

The September New Missionaries, their trainers and President and Sister Dahle
These are the departing missionaries who just took an English test and passed it.
This certificate will help them get better jobs
These are the September departing missionaries. We love these missionaries.
Sister Fonua, on the left has immigrated to Utah where her family is now.

Baptism at Cabangan Branch. Can youn find the 4 missionaries?
Some of the members of thethe San Antoinio Branch at the temple to support the Davis family. There were about 10 from the branch who rented a van to come to the temple. They left about 4:00 a.m. to get to the temple by 8:00.
Brother and Sister Davis and their daughter who was just sealed to them. (see below)
We had the privilege of witnessing the sealing of Brother and Sister Davis. Brother Davis was baptized a year ago. Sister Davis  was inactive when they met. Brother Davis encouraged her to embrace her religion, and he took lessons from the missionaries. Now here they are. Awesome!!!
We had the priviledge of delivering Crispy's mission call to her. She is going to the Philippines  Loaog Mission. She is way excited.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

September Mt. Summat Sight Seeing Trip and Zone Conference

Spider at Mt. Summat
Butterfly at Mt. Summat
Mt. Summat-Magelan is the one dead on the ground.
The Filipino standing over him is the ancester of one of our Assistants to the President.
Mt. Summat is a war memorial for all the wars fought in the Philippines. In the basement is a museum about WWII.
You can take an elevetor up to the wings of the cross to look from ocean to ocean on a good day.

Elder and Sister Winters are new couple missionaries from Arizona. She is Sister Dahle's (mission president's wife) sister. They went with us on this outing.

The Lising Family was baptized about 2 months before this was taken. Sister Burt was involved in teaching them. She had moved on to another area and didn't know they were all baptized. They came to help with Zone Conference. What a sweet reuion!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

August New Missionaries

August new missionaries arriving in Olongapo by bus.
Sister Lutao (new missionary), Sister Makahele (trainer),
Sister Villiviles (trainer), Sister Dahl (new missionary)
Sister Gorringe getting information from the new missionaries.
New Missionary Trainers on left with their new companions


August Departing Missionaries

Some of the August Deparrting Missioaries with President and Sister Querido
All the departing missionaries have a workshop just before they leave about empolyment skills, and they receive a certificate.
President and Sister Dahle serving some of Sister Gorringe's carrot cake on departing missionary day

August Zone Conference

I just noticed the lastime I entered anything on our Blog was August 3. I don't know how to down load pictures to be used on the Blog.

Zone Conferenece Missionaries
They are the Greatest!!!
Lunch after August Zone Conference
Fun after Zone Conference