Sunday, July 14, 2013

I tried to write descriptions on the pictures but error messages kept coming up. I'll describe these pictures on this new post.

The description of our new digs is finished by the next picture.

Jeepney- they were started when the military was here. The U.S. left a lot of jeeps. The Filipinos got them to work and added the back part for passengers. Now they make them new for public transportation.

There are many kiosks, some selling food or packaged snacks, or whatever.

After church the members take jeepneys or trikes (the motorcycle with a side car) home. Very few Filipinos own any transportation.

This was the baptism we went to on July 8th. A mother and father and another mother and daughter were baptized. The two Sisters to the right were the missionaries who taught the mother and father.

Today was District Conference. Elder Ardern of the Philippine area presidency spoke.Hewas awesome.


Elder and Sister Gorringe

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