Sunday, March 23, 2014

January in the Philippines

This is the kind of boat we went on.
Preisent Querido gave us permission to go sight seeing so once a month we try to go somewhere with our friends, the Wrights, from San Marcelino.
In January we went to 100 Islands. 100 Islands is in Aliminos, which was part of our mission when we first got here in June. It became part of the Urdeneta Mission in July.
The first day we went snorkeling.We saw giant clams, 30-36inches in diameter. When you go snorkeling, take french toast. The fish love it. We saw hundreds of fish. It was like being in an aquarium.
The Islands look like mushrooms.
The second day we went fishing. Elder Gorringe caught the only fish. We wanted to go out further in the South China Sea, but the water was rough and the captain didn't bring enough gas.

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This is a family baptism. Is that great or what. The Mom and Dad and 2 children were baptised. They have 2 younger children. This is the start of an eternal family. This is the Calapacuan Church house right here on the mission home complex. The missionaries are Elder Albano from the Philippines,  and Elder Taylor, from Texas. They are Office Elders.

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