Saturday, July 5, 2014

March Olongapo District Conference and May Three Zone Standard of Excellence Activity

Olongapo District Conference in March
From left: President Banzon (1st counselor in the Mission presidency, Banzon daughter, Sister Banzon ), Elder and Sister Gorringe, President Querido (Mission President, daughter Pia, and Sister Querido), Sister and Elder Echo Hawk (in the Philippines Area Preidecy), Sister and Elder Magrata, 2nd counselor in the mission predidency.
That's how you eat a mango during mango season.
You peel it with your fingers and let the juice run down your arms. Take on bite and it's all over your face. Yum!
Celebrating our birthday.
The 4 missionaries behind us had birthdays in May too
Sister Sirrine is from the same ward as Jan and Karen.
Elder Gorringe is the Ooga Booga Chief.
Have any of you played it?
Wait until we get home.
Fun on the beach
Even though it's on the beach, the Missionaries can't get in the water.

Three Zone Standard of Excellence Activity
Three district Standard of Excellence Activity
Standard of Excellece is the Zone got 2 baptisms and 2 less active returned per companionship in one month.

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