Sunday, August 3, 2014

June- Standards of Excellence p.5

All of the Philippines OlongapoMissioaries at the Standard of Excellence Devotional.
187 baptisms were achieved and about 194 less active returned.
The Standard of Excellence is 2 baptisms and 2 less active returned per companionship.
We had 186 missionaries in June. WELL DONE!!!
President and Sister Querido saying good bye to the missionaries at the the Standard of Excellence Devotional
Devotional at Standard of Excellence Activity
Elder Kapiela (slightly right of podium) bore his tesrimony as a departing missionary.
He called up several missionaries to use their talents and come up and sing.
Beautiful Harmonizing
Elder Calda, Zone Leader
His parents died in the Tacloban Disaster
Sister Panal, Sister Gorringe, Sister Wright (couple missionary), Sister White (couple missinary)
Missionaries writing in a Book of Rembrance for President and Sister Querido before they finish their mission.
Missinaries ready for the games
Sister Querido preparing the food for the Standard of Excellence

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