Sunday, November 30, 2014

Carrabao Ride

Senior Couples meeting at Elder and Sister Wrights home.
These are all of the Senior Couples in the Olongapo Philippines Mission. We could use 5 more Couples. Come join us.
Elder and Sister White, Sister Gorringe, Sister Winters, Elder Winters, Sister Wright, Elder Wright, Elder Gorringe
A carrabao is a water buffalo. I think there are wild ones and tame ones. In the Philippines, there are only tame ones. They are used to plow the rice fields and carry heavy loads in carts like this one.
We had our meeting before we played. President Dahle had to leave early for an appointment and Sister Dahle didn't come. I think she was with a missionary in the hospital.

Sister Gorringeon the carrabao.
Sister Winters and Sister White in cart.
Elder Wright walking in the back.
Elder Gorringe
Traditional Philippine hat
Sister Winters
Sister Winters on cart. She wants us to get serious about having a meeting.
Sister White, "Not now Sister Winters. I'm having too much fun." 
Sister Gorringe on Carrabao
Sister Wright walking away. It's her home.
Sister Winters and Elder White on cart.
Senior Couples meeting. Meeting? Really?
Elder Wright (This is his home.) Sister Winters, Sister White, Elder White on the cart.
Elder Wrights worker.

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