Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hi everyone,
     We've been at the MTC 3days now. We are among 101 senior missionaries who arrived this week. It's one of the largest groups ever. 944 young missionaries came today, including Frankie Xyedeth from the ward. We haven't seen her yet.
     The first day was mainly orientation. We have 2 cute return missionaries  teaching us Preach My Gospel. Today we met with an "investigator" and were able to commit him to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. Tomorrow we will do a follow up visit with a different "investigator". We'll see what happens.
     Last night was a devotional in which Tadd R. Callister, of the presidency of the 70 and his wife spoke. There were 2200 in that auditorium and another 1000 someplace else. WOW !!! The excitement, enthusiasm, and power in that room was incredible. Singing " Called to Serve" with this immense group of people dedicated to the Lord was an amazing experience.
      We are staying at the Marriott because the isn't enough room at the MTC. We're not complaining. We have our car here this week. Next week we won't have a car, so we'll go back over to the MTC.
     We'll be home this weekend, and go back Sunday night for the devotional. We'll say our goodbyes Sunday and leave from the MTC to the airport Friday the 14th at 11? am.
     We love you all.

     The church is true.

Mop and Pop, Grandmop and Grandpop, and Gary and Margene

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