Sunday, June 30, 2013

June 23-30

This is our 2nd week in the Philippines. In ways it seem like we've been here forever. In other ways it seems like we just got here. Elder Gorringe fits right in with the crazy Philippine drivers. Like one member said, " You fill in the blanks." That means if there is room to pass 1- 4 cars by going into the oncoming lane then you do that. You're weaving in and out of traffic all the time. One reason you can do that is because jeepneys ( a WW2 jeep made to hold 10 to 12 people) and the trikes ( a motorcycle with a side car which holds 4+ people) , are so slow and that's the main public transportation.
     We went to 1 district meeting and 2 zone leadership meetings. These young missionaries are incredible. They are filled with the spirit and teach incredible lessons followed by a demonstration of what they were teaching, then the missionaries practice what was taught.
     The Standard of Excellence for the Olongapo Philippines mission is 2 baptisms per companionship per month and 2 less actives coming back to church 4 times in a row. The 2 zones we sat in on reached their goals. Olongapo Mission is # 1 for reaching the Standards of Excellence out of 17  missions. President Querido knows how to help the spirit work with these missionaries. There were over 70 baptisms yesterday. We didn't go to any because we stayed in the office for training. We'll get our chance.
     A typhoon passed close to the Philippines causing high winds and rain. Church was cancelled.


Elder and Sister Gorringe

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