Friday, December 20, 2013


Sister Wright
Our friend Bro. Wright.
Read the captions on the pictures starting at the bottom picture.
Even though these pictures were taken in October, Merry Christmas!!! Maligayang Pasko!!!
There are birds and other animals at JEST Camp. The one in the middle is a wild animal:)
Soap that comes from a vine
Sister Peter Pan. The hats are made from big jungle leaves to protect you from the sun.
Peter Pan
Can you see the fire? I wish you you could see how he did this. It took about 30 seconds.
More of what they use to build a fire.
This is dry bamboo. They are going to make a fire.
This is a vine where water drips out of it.
JEST Camp is a Jungle Enviromental Survival Training Camp. They train the military, but it's also a tourist attractraction. We went with some friends, Bro.and Sister Wright, for a sight seeing adventure.
The Camp showed us how to survive using bamboo and other vines and plants.
Can you see the spoon sitting on top of the "plate", and the cup? Bamboo has sections. At each section point, it is solid, so you can pour water in it.
One of those pieces was a rice cooker. You take one section which is solid on both ends. you make an opening at the top big enough to put your rice and water in. Cover it with the piece you cut off, then put it in the fire to cook. These utensils are made from green bamboo.

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