Sunday, December 29, 2013

November Sights

Follow up Training of the Missionaries who came in October 23, 2013.
The new missionaries and their trainers.Aren't they awesome?
Zone Conference for 3 of the 4  Zones that we are responsible for.
Can you see the driver of the trike, a motor cycle with a side car, and his passenger. They stopped so Elder Gorringe could get a picture.
The white truck is the one we drive.
This is a close up of the trike with the baskets going to the palengke, market.
We have lizards in our apartment. We kind of like them because they eat the ants and other bugs. There are ants in the sink. Chow down Lizzy.
The Branch support for the baptism.
Olongapo 1 branch baptism
Pres. Pigao, the Branch President, on the left was the baptiser.
The Brother being baptized was the last in his family
to be baptized. In a year they can become a "Forever Family". He said he didn't know what took him so long. He had a few baptismal dates.

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