Sunday, January 12, 2014


Manila sky line.
Manila sky line.
This was the day after Thanksgiving. The temple had a nativity set up. A bride and groom are in the picture.
Our first trip to the Manila Temple. The tall red headed missionary converted this Filipino family. Pres. Ardern of the Area Presidency said that if a missionary baptizes a couple, he could go to the sealing in a year. This is the first time this happened. Elder Doyle and his wife are couple missionaies in the north area of the Olongapo Mission, friend of the family, Sister Doyle, friend of the family, the wife who was sealed, their 18 year old daughter who was sealed to them, the father, Elder Cobb, and me.
It was a tearful, wonderful experience.
Assistants to the President at Thanksgiving at the Wrights home. Elder Howes (he's now home), Elder Laquinta, Elder Cosman, Elder Tuttle (he was acting as AP because his exit visa held him up from going home), he finally made it home too. OK, me
Missionaries in San Marcelino Branch; Sister Rowley, Sister Pilkington, Elder Mata  (one of the missionaries from Tocloban, the disaster area) Elder Endencio, Sister Wagner, Sister Lim, Elder Fepaluli.

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