Sunday, February 15, 2015

Basket Trikes, Washboard, Kubo, November Batch

You would see this at resorts on the beach or in people's yards.
It's madeof bamboo and nipa leaves on the top, covered with a green net. The kubo on the right is what the nipa leaves look like when it is worn. The roofs last a year or so.
A three wheeled vehicle-motor cycle + side car
This family travels together selling baskets. Do you see the Mom, Dad, baby, and son? There is a bed inside.
The oval thing on top is a chair where you sort of lie down. The stand for it is there somewhere.
Under that is a basket you could use as a hamper.
Can you see the 2 chairs on the left in the middle? One is made from bamboo, the other is made from reeds.
At the bottom are 2 lamps. the tops are somewhere.
Where's Waldo? Just Kidding.

The colored things are hammocks. Do you see a table and several chairs?

Those brooms are great for sweeping up sand or dirt on tile floors.
Another family selling baskets. They convoy. You can see another basket trike in the background.
Those round things in th back are lamp shades.
Our granddaughter asked for a washboard for Christmas. We told her that's how the missionaries wash their clothes here. We were at church and the lady next door was washing a sheet on a board. She spent at least 20 minutes washing that one sheet. 
The same lady is still washing a sheet. They hang their clothes on a line, a lot of times in front of their house for all to see.
This is the November batch coming to our mission and their trainers.
WE love the missionaries!

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