Sunday, February 15, 2015

Mabayo Church House, December Batch, Pigs, Sunset, Dust Storm

Mabayo Church House 
Mabayo Chapel
The chairs are lawn chairs. There are about 50 chairs set up.

Breezeway leading to the Mabayo Chapel. If there are more than 50 people there, they sit in the breeze way. There is no sound.
Walk way to the beach where baptisms are held.
Mabayo beach. This is where baptisms happen.
December New Missionaries and Trainers
Trainers on the left and new missionaries on the right. President
Dahle in the back center.
The trainers have envelopes with pictures of whom they are going to train. When President says go, the trainers find their new compamions.
December Batch
To Market to Market to Buy a Fat Pig
Sunset and Dust Storm
During the rainy season, that sand is a river that flows to the ocean. Right now it is almost dry.
Sunset and Dust Storm

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